The World-Class Range

The Technology Behind

  • Thirty years ago, Countrose engineers developed the technology behind their world-class range of water-lubricated bearings.
    Now used worldwide, Countrose offers a unique range of precision bearings, allowing you to select for optimum performance in various working conditions.

Countrose offers you a choice:

  • Countrose polyurethane rubber-lined bearings utilise the superb abrasion resistance of polyurethane rubber. They have replaced other types of rubber bearings in many marine applications.
  • Countrose nitrile rubber-lined bearings are also made in a full range of sizes for applications where their special properties are preferred

High Technical Standards

Superb Wear Performance

  • Countrose Bearings offers superb technical performance with a range of options to suit various customer needs.
    When used with water lubrication, Countrose’s unique formulation of Polyurethane rubber otters has superb wear performance and resistance to abrasion.
    This makes Polyurethane Bearings ideal for the tough working conditions they frequently meet.
  • Countrose Polyurethane Bearings can often outperform traditional nitrile rubber bearings where abrasive conditions cannot be avoided. They are made in a standard range of sizes, ready to be fitted directly into the housing in place of nitrile rubber bearings.
  • Countrose Nitrile Rubber Bearings also operate to high technical standards and offer excellent wear performance. They are preferred for certain marine and industrial applications, including those where the design requires high bearing stiffness with very low running clearances to control shaft vibration.
    Where non-standard sizes or unique materials are required, Countrose also makes individual bearings to order in an exceptionally wide range of sizes.

For water-lubricated rubber lined shaft bearings


In an era where operational costs are climbing, our re-line service is a beacon of efficiency and economy for your machinery needs. Why choose our service? Here’s why:

  • πŸ› οΈ We precisely bore out existing rubber.
  • πŸ”„ Implement a flawless re-moulding process.
  • 🏭 Conduct a meticulous finish machining.
  • ⏱️ Your equipment will be ready for fitting in mere days!

What do we promise?

  • πŸ’Έ A cost-effective solution that respects your budget.
  • ⚑ A quick turnaround to minimise downtime.
  • πŸ“‰ Less slippage time, maximising your productivity.

Don’t let rising costs hinder your operational efficiency. Opt for a service that delivers on its promises and keeps your industry moving!

For more details on how we can assist you, reach out to us:
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Designed For

Water Lubrication

  • Countrose Bearings consist of a strong, rigid outer tube which is lined inside with a tough, abrasion-resistant rubber bearing material. The lining is moulded in with a unique grooved profile in the bore. This allows the bearing to support the shaft and, at the same time, assists water to flow into the bearing, providing lubrication exactly where it is needed.
  • The profile of the grooves is specially designed so that the rotation of the shaft encourages a dynamic film of water to be driven between the rubbing surfaces. This produces very low frictional losses and reduces wear to help give the bearing an exceptionally long working life.
  • Water lubrication bearings need no oil or grease, eliminating the risk of polluting the environment with these lubricants. Many countries have strict controls prohibiting the use of oil and grease where they may contaminate waterways or the marine environment.

Standard Ranges

Special Options

  • In the Countrose standard range of marine bearings, the outer shell is made from high quality spun cast naval brass with a choice of polyurethane or nitrile bearing liner.
  • Countrose set exceptionally high-quality standards. Rigorous quality assurance checks are carried out throughout manufacture to ensure compliance with ISO 9002 international standard requirements. Lloyds Register of Shipping and other quality approvals can be supplied when required.

However, to suit a wide variety of marine and pump bearing applications, Countrose provides a range of other options:

  • Countrose has the manufacturing flexibility to make rubber-lined bearings in a wide range of shell materials, to suit a vast range of unique applications and customer needs.
  • Where non-metallic bearings are required, the outer shell can be manufactured from our Tufnol Laminated Tube, a strong, reinforced non-metallic material.
  • Countrose Polyurethane and Nitrile Rubber Bearings are both manufactured to the same high standards and offer the same wide range of shell materials.
    Special shapes and sizes can also be made. For example, flanged one-piece shells from high-integrity centrifugal castings can be supplied and machined to individual requirements.

Compliance With International Standard Requirements

Quality Assured Manufacture

  • Countrose Bearings can be supplied to Lloyds Register of Shipping requirements. Quality and management systems are approved to ISO 9002 standards, and in-house manufacturing covers all stages of production, ranging from bonding and moulding the liners through to final finishing.
  • To maintain their high standards for performance and reliability, after moulding, Countrose Bearings are precision ground using a special technique. This extra process allows high accuracy and concentric alignment of the shaft, but it is often omitted in inferior bearing makes.
  • Countrose offers a wide product range with sizes from 20mm to over 750mm. A comprehensive range of standard bearings is held in stock, allowing fast off-the-shelf delivery. Special sizes are made to order and delivered promptly.

Special Sizes

Comprehensive Range

Countrose offers a wide product range with sizes from 20mm to over 750mm. A comprehensive range of standard bearings is held in stock, allowing fast off-the-shelf delivery. Special sizes are made to order and delivered promptly.

Typical Marine Applications

  • Stern shaft bearings
  • ‘A’ and ‘P’ bracket bearings
  • Rudder bearings
  • Waterjet bearings
  • Dredger cuttershaft bearings

Typical Industrial Applications

  • Borehole and wastewater pump bearings
  • Centrifugal pump bearings
  • Bearings in aqueous process equipment
  • Sewage pump bearings

Synthetic Rubber Lining

Specially Compounded

Countrose offers an additional service to other manufacturers in the fact that we offer two different types of elastomeric lined bearings, polyurethane and nitrile rubber.

Countrose Polyurethane Liner

  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Slight absorption of water, which is allowed for in the design clearance.
  • Good noise damping.
  • Excellent for water lubrication.
  • Frequently preferred for marine bearings.

Typical Industrial Applications

  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • Very low absorption, no allowance required./li>
  • Good noise damping.
  • Excellent for water lubrication.
  • Available in special grades and formulations. They are often chosen for pumps and other technical uses.
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