Product Introduction

Over thirty years ago, Countrose Bearings developed the technology behind their world-class range of water lubricated bearings. Countrose bearings are used on rudder and propeller shafts in fishing vessels, tugboats, deep sea dredgers, leisure craft, luxury yachts and countless other sterngear applications.

Our bearings are also specified by many leading pump manufacturers for use in hydro-electric plant and centrifugal pumps, and for applications in the sewage, water and oil industries.

Countrose bearings are manufactured using a specially compounded synthetic rubber lining which is moulded into a strong outer shell.

The lining of the bearing has shaped grooves, or flutes, designed specifically to optimise water lubrication, giving very low friction and helping to maintain hydrodynamic lubrication even at low speeds and high loads. The bearings support the shaft and at the same time assist the flow of water into the bearing, providing lubrication exactly where it is needed.

The profile of the grooves is specially designed so that the rotation of the shaft encourages a dynamic film of water to be driven between the surfaces, producing exceptional anti-vibration and dampening qualities and reducing wear, thus prolonging the working life of the bearing.

Using our advanced machining techniques the shell of a Countrose bearing is machined to close tolerances and the bore is precision ground, using a special method, to ensure a high degree of accuracy and finish.

Countrose Bearings
Countrose Bearings
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