Shell Material

Traditionally, rubber lined water lubricated bearings have a brass shell which offers structural stability, durablility and strength. Brass shell bearings are stable in the environment in which they operate and are relatively easy to fit and remove.

A non-metallic alternative is a phenolic shell, which is produced from a paper-based material to form a strong durable tube. Non-metallic shells are essential where corrosion or chemical reaction is possible which could lead to galvanic corrosion, for instance in aluminium and steel sterngear. Due to the nature of the phenolic material, these bearings swell when immersed in water. All phenolic shell bearings are initially designed with a formulated clearance to allow for this swelling, using our advanced computer system.

We can also offer, as standard, a Glass Reinforced Polyester shell (GRP) which offers the same advantages as the phenolic shell bearing but has minimal swell. GRP shell bearings can also be used to avoid galvanic corrosion.

Bearings can also be produced, to customer specification, using materials such as Stainless Steel 316, other stainless steel grades, higher grade bronzes, mild steels, cast irons and duplex alloys. We can work entirely to customer requirements and will source any specified shell material where possible.

We are able to produce bearings with an integral cast flange, as required to customer specifications, and can also supply bearings with additional features such as water inlet holes, lips, internal and external steps and milled slots.

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